Alicia Munian

Talented Digital Marketing Specialist

Welcome to my portfolio and thank you for your interest! I have 4+ years of digital marketing experience. Storytelling through creative content is my forte. In our digital age, it is vital to share with others through engaging materials and optimizing outreach by segmented audience targeting. 


I am currently a Marketing Associate for a SaaS Company, Paylogix. I have a proven track record of increasing engagement through both analytical methods and creative content creation. I analyze marketing trends and identify different ways that we can expand our market through methods like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Social Media. I design email marketing content, advertisements, social media posts, and draft blog content and interviews. I have played key role in expanding our company's internal marketing including strengthening core values to coincide with branding, hosting empowerment workshops, and facilitating charity days of action.

From 2017-2018, I worked for an international service organization, Cross-Cultural Solutions. In my role, I managed an email list of 600,000 leads, and segmented and targeted email blasts accordingly. During my time with the company, I played a pivotal role in helping to crowd fund our refugee initiative. You can see the case study here.  I designed and updated company brochures, and drafted and coded blog posts into the website. In addition, I also utilized my skill set in videography by updating video and marketing content. Through this, I was able to share my perspective on the ground through blog posts, interviews, and videos. I managed digital content across nine different countries. I had the opportunity to work in Costa Rica, Greece, Peru, Thailand, and Morocco to make an impact! 


From 2015 to 2017, I worked as a Legislative Aide for the New York State Assembly.  In my role, I managed social media accounts, designed media posts, garnered constituent support, hosted community events, and oversaw different community charity projects. I also managed and directed press inquiries and drafted press releases.


From web design, graphic design to writing and media, I have picked up numerous skills in along my journey. I have persuasive communication skills and excellent networking capabilities.  My compassion and dedication to helping others drive my ambition. I work well under high pressured situations and empower my team members to get work done. 



Please check out my site to see samples of my current work!                               

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